Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tips on How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

To pass your mouth swab drug testing, the environment in your mouth should be right. Fortunately, this sort of test is very easy one to pass as drugs vanish away from the saliva within 12-24 hours. Though, in drugs or case alcohol have recently been used, then you will have to tweak this chemical balance to work for you.

So how to pass a mouth swab drug test? You will need altoid mints, a high-fat meal and a cup of ice:
  1. Do not use the drugs. The best way to pass your drug test is stay off of drugs. In the case of this sort of test, this means not taking for 24-72 hours, depending upon the drug.
  2. Do not eat anything that contains poppy seeds. You should know that poppy seed muffins and the likes can cause false-positive drug test result as Opium is made of poppies.
  3. Ignore laboratory orders. In case you get instructions from the lab on what not to swallow before passing your mouth swab test, you need to ignore them. Actually, consuming a high-fat meal just 1 hour before your test will speed up the rate drugs would usually move away from the mouth and on to becoming identified. So drink and eat as you usually would. You do not wish to give them any assistance in proving your guilt.
  4. Consume a high-fat meal. Actually, eating a high-fat meal just one hour before passing your test will speed up the rate drugs would usually move away from the mouth and on to being identified.
  5. Do not purchase costly mouthwash products. You can find numerous mouthwash products on the Internet that claim to be capable to clean traces of drugs away before testing, but the majority of them aren’t foolproof, and often cost too much. The day of the test, you should clean the mouth by brushing, gargling and flossing as you usually do.
  6. Altoid mints can help to hide chemicals in your mouth. Consume Altoid Mints before passing the mouth swab test.
  7. Also chew ice before testing. Chewing on ice can aid by keeping your mouth freshly rinsed out.
Mouth Swab Drug Test
Keep in mind that the excellent way to pass your drug test is not doing drugs firstly. These steps are just some suggestions in taking and passing a mouth swab drug test and do not guarantee to 100% effective results.

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